Tournament preparation

This very weekend I have attended my first ever Warhammer tournament and played what were I believe my total Warhammer 40K games 12-17. I was really hyped getting ready for the tournament and was really wanting to post some build and paint updates but my phone camera died and our friendly neighbourhood corporate phone guy has been on vacation for a week so there are no WIPs done for the more interesting parts.

As one of the “hard recommendations” of the tourney has been to have fullpaint (at least 3 colours including bases done) and since I already had 2 borrowed tanks (Templars Razorback and Smurf Las-predator), I did the final push to paint my 3×5 scouts. They are far from finished, but for 4 hours of net work on them I am more than happy with the result. Airbrush is a godsend.

Scout pictures after the break, tournament report is coming along in the following days. Btw this phone camera is still shite, half of my pictures are blurred out.

Wednesday 20:00, work on 3 boxes of scouts begins. The idea is 3×5 bolter scouts with heavy bolters. I have to say, for the cheapest kit in the range, the torsos and the legs are great sculpts, very detailed. However my idea that I can fit everything randomly (arms+bolters) did not really work. I had to really “Improvise, adapt, overcome” on this one…

VMT (1 of 62)
Torsos are built, working on lane assembly of the hands.

I did a bit of hasty work on the mouldlines (noticed few in visible places after painting them) but hey, it’s just scouts amirite?

As I said, there is a lot of fun to be had with the kit. Due to time constraints I did just basecoat of red on the aquila, basecoat of brown on the leather (no highlights yet) and glued them together. Will have to redo some detailing later, as well they miss their shoulder insignias.

Heads are really just primed and painted in 3 different shades to add some variety, I hope this will get better with more painting done on them because I cannot help but see them as half-apes the way they go together – and quite frankly I wasn’t able to find a pose in which they weren’t.

VMT (1 of 1)

All in all they so far turned out great. And they were extreme fun to paint, really. So not sure if my issue with batch painting was just with Primaris or if the deadline motivated me so…

And to close it off, a teaser shot from R3 of the tournament of my scouts… more coming soon!

VMT (42 of 62)
Geroge? George, I think we’re in the wrong neighborhood.

Oh! And one final shoutout to my amazing wife – not that she will read it here but I told her many times over and she received some compliments already on the tournament; not only did she allow me to really go into hermit mode with my painting bench, she was extremely supportive and helped me do the bases (like these ono the scouts! yay!) but her masterpiece are the following bases. This was the first time using foam for rocks – I have let her watch 1 youtube tutorial and on she went with the cutting and sanding… and this is the result:

VMT (4 of 62)

Once again, yay for my wife.

Tournament preparation

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