The new craze… Shadespire!

Yes, I am now a Shadespire fan. The game is simply awesome. The miniatures are great, the deck building part of it is genial, it’s easy to learn and play and the warbands are very variable.

I have purchased the starter set to try it out with my old Magic The Gathering friends as I do no longer play Magic, and they do not play Warhammer. This has been nice crossover of game that is easy to grasp for them and still within the boundaries of my hobby.

I have brought it home on a Wednesday night, got the usual look for “another box, really?” from the wife and began opening it and assembling it. Then came the question.

“What is it? This is not the normal Warhammer, is it?”

“No, that is a standalone game. Do you want to maybe try it?”


And there began our household obsession with Shadespire…

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The new craze… Shadespire!

How it all came to be…

This is a short write-up of how the hell I got to Warhammer – I did this for a forum competition, but it is something I’d like to share.

My first initial contact with Warhammer has been around the year 2000 when my classmates in high-school started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Magic the Gathering. I loved their great figures (it was Bretonia and Dwarves that I saw, still remember it clearly to this day)… however, as MtG was fairly easier to source, at that time both money and location wise, I started dabbling with MtG.

Fast forward 5 years, at the end of the first year at uni we have got nostalgic with some former classmates who have moved on to study in the same city as I were, and we decided to see if Magic is still alive and kicking. In the shop we went to play and get our booster packs, was active Warhammer league and tournaments. They had the boxes (and at that time we still got the huge boxes of whole battalions and armies) displayed. It was then that I learned there is something like Warhammer 40K. I still did not play or purchase any model at that time – still too expensive compared to Magic (not really in total, but at the way you had to fund the hobby) and as I didn’t know anyone in the community and my friends didn’t want to start it with me, I have it a pass… sort of.

I have bought my first Warhammer books to read. I did what many do, and went with William King – both for Fantasy (Slayer series) and with 40K – Space Wolves series. And I became a huge Space Wolves fanboy – in theory. I mean, what’s not to like? Space vikings? How cool can that be, am I right? My dabbling with Warhammer as a game then ended with me purchasing 40K rulebook to learn what is needed to play and dropping it as “cba” at this point.

Fast forward 10 years to 2015ish – already past my career of MtG pro player ;) and just finishing my judge exams for MtG and running my own little club, enjoying my games of Modern, Legacy and very casual Commander with the guys at pub, I have met (my now) wife. That meant some drastic changes in my life, like moving cities, countries, leaving my Magic friends behind… I took my cards, of course! In the new city, I tried to get back into the MtG playing but it didn’t really feel… engaging. And then, one friday evening, playing at FNM (Friday Night Magic – basically the least competetive get-together-to-play-some-games event in Magic world) I sat at my third game against a kid (I think he was like 14 or so), flicking his cards and being so over-hyped to get a win – then it hit me. This is not for me anymore. I’ve been that kid at the opposite side of the table before, but now I was a husband, a grown man (they say) and moreover, it was not fun to just play cards if there was no one fun to play them with/against.

Opposite on the same street (and 2 doors down) of the store where I used to play Magic, has been a shop with “nerd” and metal peripheria – you can get anything from Dr. Martens shoes to funko-pop of Groot in there, as well as collectible figures of movie etc props. And they had this big sign saying “Games Workshop” overhead. As I was slowly transitioning out of Magic at that point and picked up scale model building (as another forgotten child hobby I now had the possibility to just pick-up, try and see if I like) I one day sat at the desk, building something and pondering all my Black Library books in my library, the old dusty 40K rulebook I have always kept and occasionally flicked the pages of to see those awesome models and battles… I made the decision.

I started investigating into the local 40K scene – thinking that worst case, I will build and paint few models like I always wanted to for the sake of building the models and painting them and never play them (but hey, that’s one thing off my bucket list!). Oh boy was I in for a surprise. I found out a very engaged and passionate community of people willing to teach me anything from rules to painting tips, I found plethora of “old farts” who really just enjoyed playing the game for playing the game’s sake – I had so many losses that were bloody enjoyable battles I can’t even remember them all!

What started then at the end of 2015 has been one hell of a ride. I went back looking for Space Wolves, but as the Dark Vengeance was the cheap kit at that time (and remember, I wanted something cheap to model at that time) I got into Dark Angels. I never wanted a full-out Chaos and never felt like Xenos player, so I started investigating about these brooding robed guys… and I fell in love. I fell in love with the Chapter, fell in love with the models, fell in love with the hobby that allows me to convert the hell out of all plastic kits, that allows me to hobby on my own free time and then pick up games with others… Yes, there were rough patches where I left 40K for about a year for AoS as I hated how complicated 7th was (for new player to memorize all the rules, books, opponent armies) but hey, I am now back, stronger than ever and already expanding my hobby projects so wide that I have no idea what to do first!

I have just finished painting my Shadespire warbands (from starter box so far) as my wife likes Shadespire. I have boxes of Skaven to be painted. I have all new Primaris boxes lying behind me that I need to get to doing – seriously the kits are modeler’s heaven! I have box of Calth and Prospero that I need to split between my Consecrators and my new project – 30K Alpha Legion that will dabble in 40K first…

Yeah… I am now in the same boat as many of others!

How it all came to be…

The Codex is coming…

…and everybody is freaking out! Lion is coming! The Codex leaks are amazing!

Well. I do not think so. First off, the Codex leaks look like someone just re-worded 6th edition Codex into 8th edition terms – and poorly at that. And Lion? Well… I do not think he is coming. Which means, puppies will beat us to Primarch, most likely.

So, let’s see the facts:

The codex is coming. If I recall correctly, preorder on 2nd December, release on 9th.

And that’s all folks.

Everything else is a speculation, or actually, wishful thinking. The Codex has been announced week ago, with 4 weeks to go before it’s preorder time. That is in no way, shape or form enough time to hype up another Primarch coming.

Argument has been made that releasing Lion before Christmas would bump up their sales. I do not believe they actually need to bump up their sales, I would say the numbers since 8th edition dropped are very nice and definitely good enough. Yes, boosting sales is always nice, but even from that perspective – we have Necromunda coming – a game many people are excited about (and frankly, probably more people than are excited over Lion). If they drop few new models with the Angel codices (codexes?) they are good. Currently the community lives with Shadespire (new Warbands coming) and anticipation of Necromunda. For me, announcing Lion for sale before Christmas, would just be too much of stuff going around. While Christmas is good excuse to shop, the budgets are limited.

Another argument is, that he can be released as part of campaign (a rumour solidified by the latest Regimental Standard. Still not good enough for me, frankly. Based on the “unofficial” informations, the next era of GW (first quarter to half a year of 2018) production will be focused heavily on AoS, with 40K really just following suite with Codex releases. This would as well provide the 40K community with a cool down period to get hyped again.

And that is why I think there is no Lion, but possibly Russ coming.

Anyways, I still do hope to be proven wrong and we will get Lion model. But even without it, I am really looking forward to the Codex for fluff advancement, new synergies (Make Ravenwing Great Again!) and finally finished options for army building (no fun spending all my CPs on rerolls, not having relics etc). There as well should be indication about how the Primaris are handled by Dark Angels, and we will maybe get the answer to the community most burning question – should Aggressors be painted bone-white, or green??

I paint mine black (but would be green).

Anyways, that is just a quick “get-it-out-of-you” post on the topic of leaks. Do you have any other idea about Lion coming? Are you excited about the new books? Have you read Shroud of Darkness? Many many things are coming and I am looking forward to the future.


The Codex is coming…

On the bench III

Seems I have now figured out a name for the series of hobby updates. Welcome to the third installment of my progress tracking, showing off or just generally picture posting. As I have mentioned in previous posts, last month has been about painting and getting models tabletop ready for tournament.

However, despite my best efforts, I was unable to finish the models to the stage where I would be happy with them being finished, so now I need to revisit them. Which is double-annoying because I do not like to do that AND there is bunch of Primaris boxes in my shelves that were pushed back because of stuff-that-has-to-be-painted. Anyways, the stuff to finish currently is…

Scouts – these are probably easiest to finish. They need just some highlights on the cloth legs and hands, transfers on the white pads and finish heads (hair, metals, wash) and they are done. All in all a hour or two hour work, tops.

WIP (1 of 24)

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On the bench III

Tournament – Day 2, Games 4 and 5

At the morning of 2nd day of tournament I have been greeted by a small orkan outside (much fun looking forward to the 3.5 hour drive home later). After nice breakfast and check-out I have made my way (pretty much ran in the heavy rain) into the gaming den.

Game 4 – Who is the traitor here exactly?

The first game of second day had me fighting against an Alpha Legion impostors (clearly!), pretending to be Dark Angels. His list was more fluffier (he had DW) but I would say weaker variation on mine (no chickening in DarkShroud bubble). We talked a bit on the day before and I believe we were both looking forward to this game well knowing that the first shot will be crucial.

Especially if the Open War setup of Objective cards was 2x Killpoints.

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Tournament – Day 2, Games 4 and 5

Tournament – Games 2 and 3, Day 1 Wrap-up

Game 2 I have been paired against Thousand sons including the Big Titty Monster. I had a game for 1K points against them at the beginning of 8th and I remember being Smited (Smitten? Smote?) off the board very quickly with my marines, as -1 D1 shots were not really effective against their Terminators. The interesting part was the mission. This was first “tournament specific” mission called Phantom of the Opera. Deployment has been like this:


The fun part? In middle of map has been objective (Relic) and a model of Solitaire. The Solitaire moved each turn 2D6 scatter, could not run off the table, if ended in close combat distance from another unit was considered attacking it and was worth 6 VPs if killed.

The still-more-fun part? He had Mortarion stats.

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Tournament – Games 2 and 3, Day 1 Wrap-up

Tournament – prep summary + Game 1

As I have mentioned before, I attended my first tournament this weekend. It was semi-competetive/semi casual tournament with some rules on listbuilding:

2000 points. Maximum 2 detachments, maximum 1 named character, maximum 3 same units (Troops&Dedicated transports), maximum 2 same units in other slots across whole army. Fullpaint/tabletop heavily recommended.

At the beginning I have tried to make a fluffy tri-wing list, maybe include some Primaris, but it was early on visible that I cannot manage to pilot my own list, as I am a nab and know nothing. I turned to help to the most awesome Dark Angely place on this planet possible – Bolter and Chainsword Dark Angels section of the forum. Here, user Solrac (who I understand is a high ranking or at least very experienced ITC Dark Angel player) keeps posting his lists and scores. I have visited the thread and sort of copied his initial 8th ed list and changed it to match the tournament specs. With some discussion with him in the thread and valuable feedback from r/WarhammerCompetetive on the list, I was ready to get painting.

The shopping+painting list at that point has been – Darkshroud, Dark Talon, Grand Master Nakir (Azrael counts-as), Techmarine on Bike, 2×5 Las Tac squads, 3×5 bolter/HB scouts, 2 Razorbacks, 2 Predators and Librarian. While I already had the the Tactical box, Razorback box and some odd bits and bobs I have ordered the remaining boxes and special bits (Assault canon Razorback turrets from Kromlech, Techmarine backpack from Anvil) and went to town. I had to borrow a Razorback and Predator, had scouts in backup from another local Dark Angel player but luckily managed to push myself to paint mine so I didn’t have clown army and onto the tournament I went.

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Tournament – prep summary + Game 1