Serpent’s Harrow

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this post will contain the first story and lore behind Serpent’s Harrow – by new army project. Yes, it’s as far from Consecrators as it can be, but I don’t really care. It’s my blog 🙂

If you think you find some motifs familiar or too cheesy or Mary Sueish, you’re probably right. While my aspiration is to write quality stories, I am certain those stories sound far better in my head, imagining those glorious characters than my skill of putting them to the paper gives them justice.


Adeptus Astartes

Cassander Kyros, Harrowmaster of the Serpent’s Harrow, XX Legion

Thias, Leader of Assymetrical cell, Serpent’s Harrow, XX Legion

Zyphos Maiev, Master of Ordnance of Omicron-Theta, Serpent’s Harrow, XX Legion; Kyros‘ 2nd in command

Dynat „Steelgasp“, Techmarine, Serpent’s Harrow, XX Legion

Spaze Omegon, Quartermaster and temporary Master of Signal, Serpent’s Harrow, XX Legion



Gaellan Copernicus, Helmsmaster of Omicron-Theta, agent of the Serpent’s Harrow

Fowl Cherubiam, High-Serpent of the Thrice-Cursed Serpentae, cultist, agent of the Serpent’s Harrow

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Serpent’s Harrow

Redemption for the first time

After catching up / clearing my Shadespire backlog, I was finally able to start on the kits that have been sitting in my shelves for some time – I have purchased the Redemptor, Repulsor, Aggressor and Reiver kits for the tournament in October, only putting them aside as Primaris weren’t viable choice at that time.

But now, with the campaign running, I finally have time to break out the sprues and start cutting. From the picture below, which is my first pledged batch (missing 5 Hellblasters that are still on their way), the first and obvious choice to start building has been Veteran-Brother Caderyn, The Faithful, Redemptor Dreadnought of 5th Company.


The kit is just awesome. It pays off to follow the instructions sometimes (more on that later), but it’s really great thing to put it together.

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Redemption for the first time

Warzone Stehmahr III: Before Planetfall

+Database access+

++Identity check++

++Brother Lieutenant Lahore, Consecrators 6th Company, Strike Force designation – Winged Flame“++

++Identity Confirmed. Database access granted. Pulling requested data for query: Stehmahr III, Bastion Sector, Ultima Segmentum++

Lahore’s helmet visor filled with a recent pict capture of Stehmahr III, third planet of Stehmahr system. The pict was already few years old, captured by Administratum vessel on it’s census run through the system. At the point of taking the pict, Stehmahr III’s lapse in meeting the Imperial Tithe has been considered nothing more than a single generational lapse, as could be expected with a world like this. Reading through the rich history of Stehmahr III, Lahore learned a lot about the culture and layout of the planet; originally an agri-world, its position just outside the main trade routes through Bastion Sector guaranteed Stehmahr III almost ideal situation for development. In the past millenia three major hive cities formed and grew in the provinces of Presham, Witburia and Vidpinskaya Zemya, developing forges to manufacture steel bars out of iron ore found and mined from the two uninhabitable planets in the system – Stehmahr I and VII. While the remainder of the planet still retained it’s agri-world nature, Lahore could already see Stehmahr III following the same path that it’s sister planet, Stehmahr II have. In the following centuries, more and more industrial capacity will be formed on Stehmahr III’s surface, until the planet capacity is full and the Imperium will move to the next planet in the system – repeating the cycle that brought the industry to Stehmahr III in first place. But not yet. Currently, Stehmahr III was in that strange place of lull, being past it’s agri-world prime, but not yet fully developed hive-world. And it’s the history of this transition that Brother-Lieutenant Lahore of Consecrators chapter considered to be the main culprit of the troubles on the planet.

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Warzone Stehmahr III: Before Planetfall

Shadespire – 4 for 4

A great hobby entry into 2018 for me, finally managed to get my Sepulchral Guard done for Shadespire. The Skeleton kits are actually really nice to paint, lots of detail (but quite frankly all of the kits are excellent) and something different for me.

SepulchralGuard (1 of 14)

As I wanted to do them non-bone colour, I decided to opt for “spectral” kind of look. Unfortunately, they turned out way too blue – but lesson learned, if I ever do it again I know I need to go more in the greenish direction.

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Shadespire – 4 for 4

Warzone: Stehmahr III

Warzone: Stehmahr III is a campaign that I have created for our local gaming group to give people the opportunity to have a narrative behind their newly painted armies for 2018. With the great reception of 8th edition, codex overhaul and whatnot, many people started looking into playing new armies or maybe adding a Primaris elements to their current Space Marine forces. I took heavy inspiration from this video and then just thought hard how to make the campaign as “people-proof” as possible. I know that my time will be limited and I know people, while excited at first, start dropping out, not meeting their commitments etc. Therefore I needed to come up with a system that is less dependant on player activity and allows drop-outs and -ins as we go along. As well supporting the possibility to just play or just paint. Anyways, the campaign rules are posted below, after the break, hoping it may provide you with some inspiration if you ever wanted to do the same.

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Warzone: Stehmahr III

The Consecrators project in 2018

As it’s customary to make new year’s post full of resolution and promises, I am going to share my plans as well. I am not going to make any promises on content updates and whatnot, but merely state my hobby goals for 2018:

Stehmahr III campaign. I have managed to think of and kick off a painting and playing campaign for our local gaming club. The biggest challenge was to come up with a campaign system that would accommodate both painters and players and that will be flexible enough to allow people drop out and not damage the outcome (as you probably know people can not be generally relied upon). So until end of July, the campaign is running. I will be making separate posts on the progress and story and whatnot, but currently enough to be said that the gating is Jan+Feb to paint up to 750 points, and then monthly increments for painting up to 2000pts (points for playing are always last months painting total). The scope of the campaign is a fight on Stehmahr III, for Imperial glory, against he Corpse-Emperor, for survival of your Xenos race or to simply wreak havoc. Dealer’s choice. I will be building, painting and expanding my Primaris range Consecrators 6th Company. With new Codex dropping, it will be Plasma heavy. This should as well give me some material and regular update nudges. Again, no promises.

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The Consecrators project in 2018